What is the time zone of Indonesia?

Indonesia has 3 time zones being Western, Central and Eastern Indonesian Time. The country is not observing daylight savings so the clock is the same all year round.

Java, Sumatra, West/Central Kalimantan

  • Western Indonesian Time (WIB):+7:00 UTC (ahead)

Sulawesi, Lesser Sunda Islands (ie. Bali, Komodo, Flore)

  • Central Indonesian Time (WITI):+8:00 UTC (ahead)

Maluku Islands, Western New Guinea

  • Eastern Indonesian Time (WIT):+9:00 UTC (ahead)

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Time of neighboring countries

These are the times differences if you travel outside of Indonesia.

To Singapore: When crossing the border by land you will enter the Singapore Time zone, which is +1 hour ahead

To Malaysia: You will enter the Malaysia Time zone, which is +8:00 UTC. The time difference depends from which part of Indonesia you will travel.

To East Timor: When crossing the border by land you will enter the East Timor Time zone, but there is no time difference

To Papua New Guinea: When crossing the border into Papua new Guinea you will enter Papua New Guinea zone which is +1:00 UTC ahead. If you fly from other places in Indonesia you can experience another time difference.

Indonesia Daylight Savings Time (DST)

There is no daylight savings time.

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