What is the time zone of Guyana?

The country is in the Guyana Time zone. All places including the capital Georgetown have the same time, there are no exceptions. Guyana is not observing daylight savings so the clock remains unchanged during the year.

  • Guyana Time (GYT):– 4:00 UTC (behind)
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Time of neighboring islands and countries

You might change time zones when you travel outside Guyana.

To Brazil:

  • Crossing the border with the Brazilian state Roraima

There is no time difference

  • Crossing the border with the Brazilian state Para

The time difference will be +1 hour (ahead).

To Venezuela:

You will enter the Venezuela Standard Time zone, but the time remains the same all year round

To Suriname:

You will enter the Suriname Time zone which is +1 hour (ahead).

Guyana Daylight Savings Time (DST)

There is no daylight savings time.

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