What is the time zone of Arizona?

Arizona is in the Mountain Time zone. All counties and cities of the state have the same time zone. Arizona does not observe daylight savings with the exception of the Navajo Nation Reservation in the north east, also referred to as “daylight savings donut”.

  • Mountain Standard Time (MST): – 7:00 UTC (behind)
  • Mountain Daylight Time (MDT): – 6:00 UTC (behind)
Mountain Time
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The neighbouring states of New Mexico and Utah are in the same time zone, but you will be entering the Pacific time zone when crossing the western borders with Nevada and California.

Arizona Daylight savings time (DST)

Arizona does not observe DST since 1967. With several hottest cities in the US, the main intension was to save energy and power usage (cooling and air-conditioning). It is the only state in the US, together with Hawaii, that does not have DST.

The Navajo Nation is located in the north-eastern quarter and covers multiple states. It operates semiautonomous and does observe DST to have the same clock with their neighbouring communities in Utah and New Mexico. Right in the middle of this Reservation lies the smaller Hopi Reservation. They have aligned the time zone with the rest of Arizona. This situation is therefore it also being referred to as the “daylight savings donut”.

Arizona time news, bills and legislation

There is a continuous debate about which time should be applied. Several bills have been introduced to legalize daylight saving time as the year-round clock, whereas others try to align the time with bordering counties or states. The table below gives an overview of the latest bills in the state of Arizona.

Date Bill Status/Action Title/summary
No bills known

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